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Are Solo Cups Microwave Safe? – All You Need To Know 

Solo cups are a real lifesaver for people who hate doing the dishes. But they need some play-it-safe agenda as they are one-time cups made of very thin plastic. Are solo cups microwave safe? Can you safely heat your cold coffee in a solo cup? 

If you are curious regarding the above questions, you are at the right place. 

We are going to discuss whether you should or shouldn’t dare to put a solo cup inside your microwave. 

Keep rolling to learn everything you need to know if you consider putting a solo cup into your microwave. 

Are Solo Cups Microwave Safe? 

The very short answer is NO! 

Solo cup is a variety of thin plastic cup which is not microwave-safe. So, never try putting a solo cup into your microwave. The outcome isn’t going to be a pleasant one for you. 

Solo cups are made of very thin plastic and are produced as one-time usable cups. 

Have you tried pouring a hot drink into a solo cup? 

If you have, you already have experienced what happens to the cup. 

When you pour a hot drink into a solo cup and grab it by hand, you will feel the walls of the cup have become thinner. It will also feel very light as if it will bend down at any moment. 

Will this happen if the cup is heat safe? Obviously no! 

Therefore, it is not a wise idea to take it up and try to put it inside a microwave.

We mentioned that solo cups are not meant for microwaves. Neither are they for heat. Play it safe when using solo cups. 

They are indeed versatile and very advantageous. How many parties have they saved? Exactly! They do have a good bunch of benefits. But when it comes to using them in a microwave, it is not a supportive cup.

You may have heard someone say they have successfully heated a solo cup drink inside a microwave. Don’t take confidence from such testimonials! 

Even when you don’t face the worst consequence after putting a solo cup inside a microwave, it doesn’t mean it was safe. It can have adverse impacts on your health. And most of the time, you couldn’t escape the worst outcomes the task would bring. 

The takeaway is that solo cups are not microwave-safe, and you should never put them inside a microwave under any circumstance. 

What Happens When You Put a Solo Cup Inside a Microwave? 

Sometimes you may think what is the worst that could happen and try to put a solo cup inside your microwave (because YOLO) 

Well, the worst is your solo cup will melt along with its content and make a terrible mess inside your microwave. Melted plastic with some other liquid spread across will take pretty long to clean it up, won’t it?

That’s the worst a person waiting to enjoy a hot drink could ask for. 

Sometimes, the solo cup may seem perfectly alright with a hot drink inside when you open the microwave (happy you!), but the moment you grab the cup, it will melt in your hand. While the hot drink inside will spill all over. That sounds very painful, doesn’t it? It sure does. 

While heating a solo cup inside a microwave leaves a great mess, it also offers various health hazards. 

For your information, solo cups are made of plastic, a natural polymer. When heating, plastic will begin deforming into BPA (Bisphenol A) and polypropylene, two toxic chemicals. When these toxic chemicals are consumed, they can lead to a wide range of health hazards, from diabetes to cancer. 

You do not want to get cancer for an impulsive action like heating a drink in a solo cup and drinking. Thus we emphasize not using solo cups in the microwave since they are unsafe. 

At What Temperature Do Solo Cups Start to Melt? 

The majority of plastic products start melting upon heat when they reach a temperature around 170◦C or 338◦F. 

Does it work the same for solo cups? 

No. And why not? 

Because solo cups are made of polystyrene (which is a type of plastic), and they are very thin. So the temperature that is needed to melt them also remains low. 

Solo cups will start melting when they reach a temperature of about 100◦C or 212◦F. 

So does it mean it is safe to be put in a microwave below 100◦C or 212◦F? 

No, it is still not safe. Exposing a solo cup below that temperature will only ensure the cup doesn’t melt; it doesn’t ensure safety. 

Even when the cup doesn’t melt, the plastic will convert to BPA (bisphenol A) and polypropylene, toxic chemicals. 

These produced chemicals will mix with the food particles you are waiting to enjoy. 

When you consume such food integrated with toxic chemicals, you likely will catch diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular issues, reproductive ailments, cancer, etc. 

Therefore, we recommend not to try putting your solo cup into the microwave even below the melting point of the cup. 

Also, avoid pouring hot drinks into solo cups. The heat of hot drinks can also trigger the conversion of BPA and polypropylene. 

What Alternatives Can you Use Instead of Solo Cups in the Microwave? 

Use microwave-safe mugs and cups inside a microwave instead of solo cups and other microwave-unsafe options.

When you purchase mugs and cups, look for the “microwave safe” label. 

Back to the present, what if you do not have a microwave-safe cup/ mug at home? What can you use at such times? 

Well, try a dish or bowl under such circumstances. Pour the drink into a glass/ ceramic bowl or dish and heat it up in the microwave. Then pass the drink into a cup of your choice (heat-friendly choice) and enjoy. 


Solo cups are NOT microwave-safe. It would be best if you never put a solo cup into a microwave unless you want an unpleasant, messy outcome to deal with or you want to experience some serious disease over time.

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