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How To Cut Porcelain Tile? Beginner’s Step By Step Guide

You may be intrigued by learning how to cut porcelain tile correctly. We will help you with your experience and expertise in cutting porcelain tiling.

Whether you’re installing new tiling in your lavatory, dining, or storage room, you like to ensure a few things. One thing is that you’ve chosen the most significant kind of material and that the tile placement gets done correctly.

Porcelain is still a popular option for lavatory and kitchen tiling. This rugged, glossy material may get readily decorated to appeal to flooring endurance and attractive appeal. Dealing with porcelain could be a pleasure if you grasp how to handle it from start to completion.

If you like doing your home remodeling projects, you don’t want to discover fractured or chipped tile later on and have to spend more cash to have it fixed. 

Read more to update your knowledge of porcelain, suitable equipment, and cutting techniques.    

Why People Use Porcelain?

Porcelain is among the most used tile floorings materials. It’s long-lasting, versatile, and easy to maintain. Porcelain is durable enough to survive years of high foot activity and perhaps even water spills.

It can survive in-floor heating, which is beneficial if you don’t like the chilly tile flooring touch. Porcelain is adaptable to your aesthetic preferences. Porcelain may be tinted to resemble many kinds of stone, as well as exotic patterns. It is incredibly easy to keep clean.

Quickly wipe up spills with a wet mop immediately and smooth with a moist mop weekly. You’ll be able to discover a porcelain alternative that matches your room’s tone or design. Let’s get into how to cut porcelain tile.

Why People Use Porcelain?

How To Cut Porcelain Tile?

After you’ve decided on your supplies, you’ll need the appropriate equipment to cut porcelain tiling. Assuming your room is miraculously the perfect size and form for the tiling you’ve bought, you’ll require an accurate cut to ensure it fits. The following are the ideal tool for the task:

Hand Cutter

A hand cutter is the most cost-effective way to start with How To Cut Porcelain Tile. It will get the work done quickly, but it isn’t easy to grasp. Fortunately, this version has functions that make it easy to operate.

Diamond Knife

A diamond blade is required if you want to use any electrical cutter, moist or dried, on the porcelain. A factor that makes porcelain so challenging is the rigid material that requires something far more substantial to cut it. Several diamond blade types to select from, some focusing on cutting rates and many on the cut’s polish.

Note: Diamond blades are excellent for slicing porcelain tile since they are among the sharper in the business. You might suffer significant injuries if they rupture or get entangled. Taking the required safety measures before slicing the porcelain tiles takes a couple of minutes of your time. Even if you’re merely using primitive tools like a tile nipper, wearing hands and face shields is an excellent idea.


Nippers, as opposed to a hand cutter or electrical saw, enable you to produce circular slices in porcelain tiling. These nippers built of innovative materials are sturdy and long-lasting. And with dual titanium carbides and grading discs with titanium-based surface modification to assist you in making exact cuts.


With your equipment and tile in place, you’re prepared to get started. Always use suitable safety protective gloves, goggles, and a cover to prevent mishaps. You won’t be going back after you’ve sliced your tile. Consequently, it’s critical to do it correctly the first time. To get a good cut each time, complete the directions:

Making the Cuts

First, ensure your diamond blade is neat and keen. Your blade must be in pristine condition to perform precise cuts per the markings. In 2 phases, you may mark your tiling. To begin, use a greased pencil to direct the area you wish to cut. Take precise estimates and mark so you’ll have a clear line to trace with your blades.

Next, use a cutter and create minor cuts over your greased line to guide your blade. Masking tape should get applied around the boundaries of the line. Both of these precautions will assist you in preventing breaking the porcelain when cutting.

These procedures aren’t essential when using a hand cutter with a rotational square and laterally stop. Because after you’ve adequately positioned these two pieces of the hand cutter in position, it’s difficult for the cut to be crooked.

Starting to Cut

Before cutting with a wet saw, ensure the storage is whole. Don’t slam the diamond disc into the ground. Conversely, allow the disc to control the pace of the cutting to get the maximizing finishing. For even greater precision, use a leveler.

Note: Professionals use various techniques to guarantee that every tile is consistent. Precision is critical in all construction works, significant or minor. Whether you are a DIY hobbyist or not, the essential thing is to benefit from these ideas – and safety measures.

Safety Suggestions When Cutting Porcelain

When it comes to danger, ensure you constantly take safeguards to avoid injuring yourself or the work. It’s simple to take precautions to safeguard your arms and face from harm.

  • When using saws and powerful equipment, always use eyeglasses and safety gear.
  • When working with a wet saw, use nitrile gloves.
  • Before starting your work, ensure you are not stepping on a slick or damp floor.
  • Wear a face mask on the face to avoid breathing in the dust caused by cutting tiles.
  • To guarantee appropriate configuration and usage, read the operating manual.
  • If anything isn’t operating correctly or you discover a problem, quit functioning instantly and get expert assistance.

Bottom line

You must have a better understanding of cutting porcelain tile. An excellent cut may get achieved using appropriate cutters, blades, and hand tools. If you adopt safe procedures and work carefully, you’ll be happy with your tiling job.

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