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How To Drill Through Tile Without Distracting Your Kitchen’s Appearance?

Putting holes in tiled walls seems to be a regular job, whether in a recently tiled bathroom or an old one. Once you’ve finished your tiling job and it’s all looking great. Now, You’re afraid of potentially destroying all of your great labor by drilling tiles to add bathroom accessories, shelving, or other fittings. With just one slip or uncomfortable maneuver, you’ll wind up with a cracked, unsightly tile. Now you might be wondering how to drill through tile?

Anybody could learn how and where to drill into tile without breaking it. It requires a bit of planning, care, and the correct instruments. As a result, the following blog will go through the fundamentals of drilling tiles effectively and without damaging them.

How To Drill Through Tile?

But don’t worry, we’ve put up step-by-step instructions on how to drill through tiles that will help you do an excellent job while preventing your tiles from cracking.

Know your tiles

Before you even consider drilling through your newly installed tiles, be sure you know what you’re going to drill through. You will quickly drill around if you are familiar with the qualities of the materials.

In that case, you will have a greater sense of the scope of the work at hand. Tiles differ in several ways, including their materials, shape, and surface. Glazed ceramic tile, Glass tile, and Porcelain tile are some examples of tiles. Each of these tiles has distinct properties that influence how they get drilled. Such as:

  • The most prevalent type is ceramic.
  • Porcelain is a kind of ceramic that is thicker, shinier, and more costly than ceramic.
  • Glass is often used sparingly for ornamentation since it is so brittle.

Choose The Right Tool

Now that you know what you’re up against let’s look at the tools you’ll need to drill through tiles. A power drill is necessary for this activity. Still, the drill bit itself is the most critical component in drilling through tile effectively. Following are some things you need beforehand for drilling through tile:

Good Drill Machine

Because drilling into tiles is more complicated than drilling through timber or other composite material, a power drill with a diamond-tipped drill bit is required

New Drilling machine

Don’t use an old and broken drill bit for tiling, regardless of the application you’re trying to drill through. And are less efficient than new ones, but the possibility of injuring the tile surface grows considerably if the drill bit is not working at peak capacity.

Invest In Your Safety

It’s also a good idea to get some protective goggles and a face mask before drilling into tiles. Some dust bits may be thrown up into the air depending on the item’s density getting drilled.

Masking tape

It prevents the tile’s surface from being scratched. Once the tape is in place, mark the center of your hole with a pencil.

Wooden template

It will assist the diamond drill bit as it drills through the indicated center of the tile. This pattern should be slightly larger than the desired hole.

Examine the site

Drilling tiles creates a hole in the wall from one end to another. Still, what you should study and consider before beginning this activity is what is beneath the tiles. If you are not cautious, drill right through all the wires and pipes.

In that case, you may inadvertently create a major disaster, not to mention the additional work you may have to do as a result. So, the first simple technique to find out is to locate a precise plan for your apartment.

You can obtain the blueprint from your agent or the municipality office. They can assist you with this or use a stud finder to see any wooden studs nearby. But, if you perform it the other way around and want any electronic wire behind the wall. In that case, you can use an electronic stud finder.


If you’ve ever attempted To Drill Through Tiles, you’re surely aware that the bits like to float around on the surface find it hard to keep them in place. It increases the likelihood of you scraping the tiles and permanently ruining them, as well as while drilling.

You must guarantee that all force is concentrated in one spot to complete the drilling more quickly and efficiently.

  • Place the item against the wall and, once you’ve determined where every other hole will pierce the wall, cover the rough spot with masking tape.
  • Place the bathroom item against the wall once more and indicate the position of each hole. You must accurately identify each point’s position since even a millimeter or two might result in the attachment not fitting correctly.
  • Marking the wall using the pre-cut holes in the bathroom accessories is the most straightforward approach to acquiring exact markings.

Whether you have more than one hole to drill and don’t want to repeat the operation, you might make a template out of a piece of wood. Make a hole in the wood that is the same dimension as the drill bit you will use. Put it across the drill hole and secure it with your spare hand.

Start drilling Through Tiles

You’ve done all of your planning, you’ve measured everything, and you’ve obtained all of the necessary tools — now it’s time to start drilling. Begin drilling softly and at a moderate pace.

Take your time — it may take some time to penetrate the hard glazed surface. Don’t mistakenly think that running full-throttle is more efficient. In actuality, you’ll only overheat it all and cause vibrations that might harm the surface.

Apply consistent, but not excessive, pressure. Otherwise, you will have to break through the tiles rather than drill into them, resulting in splits.

Final Thought

We hope this post cleared up any confusion and allowed you to drill the tile.   This activity will get easier with repetition, and drilling through tile will no longer be what makes your stomach sink.

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