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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Kitchen Cabinets – Let’s Do This

We all hate cockroaches, and seeing them in kitchen cabinets is nothing but a disgusting thing. Knowing how to get rid of cockroaches in kitchen cabinets is something that you would want to learn as roaches are there mainly because of your very own mistakes. Don’t worry; we will help you out.

Why do I have Cockroaches All Of A Sudden?

Before we talk about how to get rid of cockroaches in kitchen cabinets, let’s see what attracts roaches to your kitchen in the first place. This will sort out the dilemma in your mind and help you deal successfully with roaches.

What Causes Roaches In The Kitchen?

Here are some of the main reasons why roaches in the kitchen.

Leftover food

Probably, the leftover food is the biggest reason behind roaches’ presence in your kitchen. Cockroaches usually don’t have choices when it comes to food items. They love whatever there is for them. So, if you don’t want roaches in the kitchen, it is imperative not to keep leftover food exposed to them.

Untidy kitchen

Well, as we said above, roaches’ food preference is not like humans. It doesn’t have to be food always as they tend to eat papers, cardboard stuff and old books as well. So, if your kitchen is a messed up place with all these ingredients, you are kind of inviting cockroaches to your place.

When it comes to answering how to deal with cockroaches in the kitchen, one of the first things you have to do is keep your place clean and get rid of unwanted materials as soon as possible.

Moisture and darkness attract cockroaches

Most people are aware of above mentioned two factors as cockroach magnets and ensure they clean the kitchen regularly and don’t leave food in accessible places. However, most of them don’t know that moisture and darkness are two significant factors that contribute to the presence of roaches.

If your kitchen consists of such places, you better have an eager look at it, especially after you get rid of cockroaches. We say this because these insects can live for weeks without food. So, don’t just think they won’t pay a visit to your kitchen just because you don’t keep food open.

So, How To Get Rid of Cockroaches in Kitchen Cabinets?

Let’s get into the matter and see what you can do in order to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen.

Use borax powder To kill Cockroaches

Borax powder is a commonly found cleaning product, and you can use it to get rid of cockroaches without much of a problem. All you have to do is remove all the ingredients from your kitchen cabinets and clean them using borax powder.

Bay Leaves is an Excellent Home Remedy For Cockroaches

Yes, you heard it correct. Bay leaves have the ability to serve as an excellent home remedy for insect issues. Instead of using harmful substances that have the possibility of transferring to your food, we highly recommend using a natural solution like bay leaves.

However, the results of bay leaves are not as efficient as other substances as the smell of bay leaves isn’t the strongest. That said, why not give it a go considering the fact that it is a natural solution.

Roach killer sprays

If you want instant results and are fed up with all other methods, a cockroach killer spray would be the best bet. The risk of using such spray products is that most of them are toxic to the human body. Since the kitchen is where you keep your food items, you should be utterly vigilant when using cockroach killer sprays.

Putting poison to your loved ones’ meals is the last thing you want when finding the best solution for the cockroaches.

Soap and water solution

Look away if you are after a permanent answer, but for those who want a quick relief to the issue, the soap and water solution can work for them instantly. Yes, this solution has the power to kill within seconds.

If you prefer this method, it is important to mix lots of soap into the water and spray it directly on the body of the roaches. Although we are against cruelty and don’t want to promote it, we had to mention this as one of the best answers to cockroach problems in the kitchen.

What Smell Will Keep Cockroaches Away From the Kitchen?

Roach repellents are the ideal solution if you want to get rid of roaches in the kitchen through smell. If you want a natural method, you can consider the bay leaves methods that we explained early in the article.

How Do I Get Rid of Roaches Permanently?

There are many methods to get rid of cockroaches, such as glue traps, borax powder and soap and water solution. However, if you want to end the cockroach problem in your kitchen permanently, it is essential to keep it clean after you apply whatever method.

In addition, minimize dark and wet places in your kitchen and keep less stuff inside your kitchen. If you do all these things, it is not a difficult task to prevent cockroaches from entering the kitchen.


So, we hope now you know what causes cockroaches in the kitchen and how to deal with the issue successfully. Before we say goodbye, let us remind you that cockroaches visit your premises mainly because of your bad habits. So, first, be humble enough to accept it and execute one or a few solutions we provided in this article.

If you need more info, please drop us a message in the below comment section. Have a great day, guys!

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