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How To Grow Garlic In Water And The Profits Of Doing So


Garlic is a highly desirable herb utilized in various cuisines across the world. Its intense flavour and health advantages make it essential to any garden. You may grow garlic in water if you don’t have enough space for a huge garden or container. Growing garlic in water is an excellent method to have fresh garlic on board whenever you need it, without the effort and expense of supermarket shopping. Now you might be thinking about how to grow garlic in water? Keep on reading to know all about garlic.

How To Grow Garlic In Water?

Growing veggies with little more than water and light is a growing trend. This approach for How To Grow Garlic In Water gets primarily utilized for little plants like mint and basil, but it is fast spreading.

  • Choose Garlic Cloves

The quality of the garlic clove utilized will significantly impact the garlic’s development. Poor cloves would not produce good outcomes!

Sprouting garlic would be suitable for this section. If you don’t have sprouting garlic, you can make your own.

Pick a few sizeable fresh garlic cloves, keeping the white crinkly outer covering intact. Wrap the fresh garlic in a moist paper towel.

Place the blanket in a warm place, but not in direct sunlight. It will only take two days for cloves to grow, and a sprout gets characterized by the presence of a tiny green stalk.

  • Put In Container

Place the garlic in a jar or other clear container, pointy side up. Try to find a suitable container for the garlic. A shot glass will hold one garlic clove, but a giant jar will have three to four garlic cloves.

Ensure the container isn’t too big or too small since this can impede the growth of the garlic cloves. It may be challenging to check on the garlic and remove it to add water if the container is too shallow.

To puncture the garlic clove, use a toothpick. This long toothpick may also get used to reaching the garlic clove as needed.

  • Put Cloves In Water

Water gets required as the growth medium for such a garlic growing procedure, and it would be best to keep a close eye on the water level. Too much water causes rotting, whereas too little water causes dryness or lack of development. As a general rule, water should be half the length of the garlic, and slightly less is okay.

Cover the garlic with only room temp or lukewarm water. Boiling water may destroy the garlic plant and prevent it from growing.

  • Put The Container In The Sunlight

Plants are all photosynthetic. As a result, sunshine gets required for garlic development. Because you are producing garlic inside, you must have enough sunlight.

Twelve hours of sunshine every day would be beneficial to development. A sunny window sill would be excellent for the garlic plant. During this phase, keep an early warning sign of too much or too little sunshine.

Excessive sunshine causes wilting or drying of leaves. In this instance, keep your container out of direct sunlight till the leaves recover. On the other side, a lack of sunshine may result in discolored leaves. Allow your garlic a couple more hours of sun.

  • Top with water

You’ll notice that the water’s color has changed and has become murky over a few days. The water level will also fall, requiring a water change since murky water may be harmful.

Remove this water from the container and refill it with clean water. Constantly replenish the moisture to the same level as previously.

How To Harvest Garlic?

The entire point of growing garlic indoors is to gather the garlic greens as needed. Your garlic branches will overgrow and are ready to harvest in two weeks. The emergence of clove roots indicates that it is prepared to harvest. Garlic greens get ready to harvest when the shoots reach a height of four to seven inches.

Only the first third of a stem should get removed with scissors to prevent pulling off garlic scapes. As it gets closer to the bulb, the residual bottom of the stem becomes bitter. Leaving the rest of the stem would also encourage additional development.

Garlic scapes should be harvested soon before consumption to ensure that the flavour is robust and powerful. Garlic greens can lose their potency and flavour when stored.

Following the harvest of garlic scapes, the immature premature garlic bulb known as springtime garlic can get consumed fresh.

How To Harvest Garlic?

Dos And Don’ts Of Growing Garlic In Water

Let’s talk about some tips after now you know How To Grow Garlic In Water.

  • When growing garlic, use a clear container. Glass and transparent plastic containers are see-through, allowing you to see whether the water has gotten cloudy or unclean. When the water becomes filthy, change it.
  • Do not immerse the garlic entirely in water, and a third of its thickness is sufficient; otherwise, it would decay.
  • Remove the garlic bulbs from the container before replacing the murky water. It keeps the entire bulb from becoming drenched when the water is changed. After changing the water, you may put the bulbs back in the water.
  • Plant the garlic bulbs in a spot where they get plenty of direct sunlight.

Advantages Of Growing Garlic In Water

  • Indoors, growing garlic stem in water is less messy. As there is no need for soil, the growth process is simplified.
  • A garden is unnecessary due to a lack of soil. Anyone who lives in a house with no garden benefits from this. It gives it a more familiar and likely method of growing garlic inside.
  • Growing garlic in water for garlic scapes is a quick, simple, and efficient method of growing these veggies. Even novice gardeners may adapt to this style of vegetable growing.

Last Thoughts

Growing garlic indoors without potting mix is surprisingly simple. The method only requires a glass beaker and a small amount of water, and it’s an excellent way to grow garlic greens throughout the year.

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