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Pumpkin Pie vs Sweet Potato Pie – [Bake It With Love]


A pumpkin pie has been the iconic dish in every thanksgiving dinner for decades. Sweet potato pie is also a constant representer in holiday menus as a dessert, often as the replacement for a pumpkin pie. Although these desserts seem to be similar, there are some differences between Pumpkin pie vs sweet potato pie. 

All most everyone should have tasted a pumpkin pie or a sweet potato pie as a sweet dish on holiday or Christmas Eve. Whether it is store-bought or homemade, these two desserts are a thumbs-up for everyone. The culture of pies that use vegetables dates back to the Middle Ages.

There are many mouth-watering recipes from vegetables, including potato, spinach, and zucchini, for instance, and fruit pies like cherry, apple, banana, peach, and various berries. The varieties continue up to meat and egg pies too. 

Pumpkin Pie vs Sweet Potato Pie

Both dishes are top picks in winter. You may think that as both sweet potatoes and pumpkin are mixed with the same ingredient, it will not have a huge contrast between these two pies. But it does. To begin with, we can take the origin. Pumpkin pie vs sweet potato pie presents differences in taste, texture, ingredients, and nutrients. We will go through the factors separately. 

Where Does the Pumpkin Pie Come From? 

It is said pumpkin was introduced to the settlers in the North by the indigenous tribes with the vast range of items that can be cooked. So on, the pies from pumpkins were evaluated. The first published recipe was recorded back in 1796 in a cookery book. Since then, pumpkin pie has been denoting the harvest and is specially made in the fall. 

Where Does the Sweet Potato Pie Come From?

According to the history of sweet potato pies, it has been introduced by African Americans in the Southern. In fact, we could see the widely spread sweet potato cultivation in the South. Sweet potatoes are also called yams in some states of North America. The first record of sweet potato recipes could be seen in the 18th century. The sweetening recipes often were combined with dishes that were spicy. Later it was evaluated as a sweet dish taken for desserts. 

Where Does the Sweet Potato Pie Come From?

How About the Taste Difference Between Pumpkin Pie vs Sweet Potato Pie?

The distinct difference is the sweetness. Sweet potato pie is sweeter than pumpkin pie. It is because the sugar content of sweet potato is higher than that of pumpkin. Pumpkin pies are more likely to blend with a mixture of spices, including cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, and cardamom, and give a milder taste. At present, there are pumpkin pie spice products sold at grocery stores. 

In a sweet potato pie, there will be cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla as the most common spices. In addition, you can add allspice or ginger if you need to make it extra savory. 

Differentiation of Texture 

When you get a piece of pumpkin pie and a piece of sweet potato pie, you can experience a huge difference in the texture. The pumpkin pie will be denser and thicker. A sweet potato pie has more of a fluffy texture. 


Both pumpkin and sweet potato pies are often made without a top crust. The main ingredient difference is the first thing when comparing the recipes. Sweet potato is made with mashed boiled sweet potatoes and pumpkin with pumpkin puree. You can also buy sweet potato and pumpkin puree from the market when you go for a quick bake. 

We also discussed earlier that there is a clear difference in the varieties of spices mixed into the pie mixture. 

Nutrients Comparison

Pumpkin pie vs sweet potato pie presents a significant difference in the nutrient values. For people who are concerned about the amount of sugar and who have diabetes, the best among the two is definitely a pumpkin pie. Sweet potato pie contains more sugar content than pumpkin pie.

In numbers, if we take one cup of mashed pumpkin and sweet potatoes separately, pumpkin contains about 5 grams of sugar, whereas sweet potato will include 18.8 grams. The carbs percentage is also low in pumpkin. If we consider the same amounts, sweet potato contains 58.1 g, and the value is 12g in pumpkin.

When you are on a diet plan to control the amount of calories, you also need to choose a piece of pumpkin pie. Sweet potato pie contains 187 g of calories in one cup of mashed sweet potato. But one cup of mashed pumpkin contains only 49 calories. 

Vitamin A and Vitamin C can be found in both pies we discussed today. But the sweet potato is the winner in this nutrient level. We will also take the same amount that we used in the precious explanations here. It will contain 774% of Vitamin A and 53% of Vitamin C in sweet potatoes. But the amount is lesser in pumpkin. A pumpkin pie contains 245% of Vitamin A and 19% of Vitamin C. 

It has been observed the presence of essential minerals in both pumpkin and sweet potatoes. Iron, Calcium, and Manganese levels in sweet potatoes are higher than in pumpkin. But the Potassium percentages are the same in both. 

What is Healthier Pumpkin Pie or Sweet Potato Pie?

The choice depends on the consumer. If you are reluctant to sweet and sugary content, then the healthiest for you is a pumpkin pie. A pumpkin pie is also the best among the two when you need a lower calorie intake. But the amount of essential minerals, Vitamins, Protein, and fiber are higher in sweet potatoes. Therefore, sweet potatoes are the prime choice selection when it comes to nutrient supply. 


We have represented a comparison of two popular thanks giving desserts, pumpkin pie, and sweet potato pie in several aspects. If you are hesitating about what to choose for the nearest holiday from these two, this article will guide you on the way to select the best option. Bon Appetit! 

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