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Can You Put Cheese In A Meat Grinder? Here Is The Correct Method

There could be valid reasons for you to use cheese in various other ways depending on the recipe you try. In this article, you will learn can you put cheese in a meat grinder.

Imagine your mom started making a meal when you popped into the kitchen and asked her how you could help. If she hands the big block of cheese for you to grate, this might be time-consuming and a boring task.

In such a situation, you might think of an alternative way apart from the grating, which will make the process quick. If you are wondering if can you put cheese in a meat grinder, then you are in the right place, as this article will help to get a precise idea.

Mostly you would see in restaurants that they are using paper cheese for burgers and other types of fast food since it is easy to use. In contrast, if you have bought a cheese block, then after getting it from the refrigerator, it might seem hard to shred hence this will consume a lot of time. When shredded cheese is in the store, you might wonder why the cheese block is selected.

When you put pre-shredded cheese into the meal, the taste will be under par compared to the meal which includes hand-shredded cheese. Also, rather than buying pre-shredded cheese, you can save money as this product is a little cheaper if you purchase the block cheese.

Apart from these reasons, most people choose block cheese because it contains no unnecessary additives. Shredding might be a lazy and difficult task for you hence, if you are confused about whether can you put cheese in a meat grinder by reading the article, you can learn about it in detail.

Can You Put Cheese in a Meat Grinder?

You might know how useful the meat grinder is since you can grind the meat quickly, and you can also use this machine to grind vegetables like onion, garlic, pepper, etc. So, most people often use the meat grinder as a multipurpose appliance.

When you have to shred a large block of cheese, you might often want to get a cheese shredder machine, but before investing in that appliance, it is better to check whether you can use your meat grinder to shred cheese.

What to do Before Putting Cheese in the Meat Grinder?

Yes! You can shred the cheese using the meat grinder, but before trying, it is essential to know how you do it so that you will not mess up with the process. Hence let’s discuss how you can use the meat grinder to shred a block of cheese.

Freezing the Grinder and the Cheese Block

Usually, you store the block of cheese in the freezer. Suppose you bought it from the store and left it on the countertop, then you must first freeze the cheese well. Also, place the meat grinder in the refrigerator for some time, as this will help to shred the cheese properly.

The refrigerated appliance and the frozen block of cheese will not make the process messy hence you shred it more quickly.

Cut the Cheese

Rather than using the whole block of cheese, it is better to cut it into fine small-sized cubes. It is might be possible to put the block of cheese at once, but better to use small cubes as it will be easy to put in the grinder so the machine will easily process.

After freezing the cheese, you will find cut into cubes will be hard, so it is better to cut it before refrigerating.

Grinding cheese

Next, you can start grinding the cheese using the meat grinder, for it is best if you use the grinding plate. Shred the cheese on wax paper, then transferred it to a bowl and dispose of the paper after shredding.

By following the above steps, you can easily shred a block of cheese within a short period.

Pros and Cons of Shredding Cheese Using the Grinder

Now let’s also look at the pros and cons of using the meat grinder to shred cheese.

Pros of Shredding Cheese in the Meat Grinder

The main reason why people try using the meat grinder to shred cheese is to save time, and yes, using this appliance will help you to save a lot of time hence you can minimize the time of the overall cooking process.

When you are using the traditional cheese grater, the process might take time and also will require effort. Hence compared to the grater, the meat grinder will only need less effort. Therefore, you can shred the cheese within a couple of minutes using minimum effort.

You might have the experience of using a grater for shredding the cheese. This process sometimes becomes messy since the cheese will become slippery and will be difficult to grip, and the cheese will make the kitchen messy. If you do this using the meat grinder, it will be less messy. Hence you will not have to spend time cleaning the messy kitchen.

Cons of Shredding Cheese in the Meat Grinder

Apart from the pros, there are a few disadvantages of using a meat grinder to shred the cheese. Since the cheese contains fat, you know that this will have an oil texture, so putting it in the grinding machine might impact the performance.

To minimize the negative impact on the machine, you can freeze both cheese and meat grinder. The main reason for freezing the grinder is to reduce the warmness so the cheese will not melt and you will be able to get it in the required texture.

Although shredding cheese in this appliance will help to minimize the mess in the kitchen, you must also know that cleaning the appliance will require effort. Even after cleaning the meat grinder, if it is still oily, you will have to use a bread slice to remove the oil. Although using bread slices will help to clean the appliance well while removing the oil this will also be a waste of food.

These are some pros and cons of using a meat grinder to shred cheese, but actually, this will be a good appliance to shred cheese when compared to the grater. In case you have a cheese shredder, then better use it for shredding cheese. Suppose you aren’t capable of investing in a cheese shredder you can try using the meat grinder by following the procedure mentioned in the article.

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