Home Foods How to Reheat KFC Chicken Pot Pie And Why Microwaving Isn’t Ideal?

How to Reheat KFC Chicken Pot Pie And Why Microwaving Isn’t Ideal?

How to reheat KFC chicken pot pie

Who doesn’t enjoy a little extravagance occasionally? The iconic pot pie from KFC is the ideal combination of nasty processed food and a home-cooked supper. It’s tasty and fulfills a hunger, but it’s not as detrimental to your health as several other alternatives. You order a large portion of KFC’s casserole and don’t finish it all in one sitting. So, how to reheat KFC chicken pot pie.

We adore this meal too, though, and we’ve had to reheat it several times. The truth is that you can warm a day-old KFC casserole and get the exact flavor as if you had just purchased it. It must, though, get accomplished appropriately. If you have remnants from this delicious dish, we’ve put together a guideline on how to warm it properly.

Quick Summary: You can immediately microwave KFC chicken hot pie; however, it will likely get mushy and tasteless. To warm your casserole while keeping its texture and taste, preheat the oven to 350°F.

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Pot pie from KFC is a simple feast you don’t even need to prepare. It’s tasty and one of the healthiest alternatives at the renowned quick food chain. Pot pies are a popular meal overall. They are available in various flavors, with chicken pot pie among the most famous.

You’ve probably prepared one at night and enjoyed it. However, it’s nice that such a famous fast meal business gets you off the rack whenever it refers to preparing your favorite dish.

There’s nothing incorrect with splurging occasionally, and besides, who doesn’t like a night of ordering takeaway and relaxing? One of the benefits of takeout is that the portions are usually relatively large, and you will wind up with two servings for the expense of one. It’s usually the situation with this KFC casserole. Let’s look at how to reheat KFC chicken pot pie.

How to Reheat KFC Chicken Pot Pie? 

The problem with pot puddings seems to be that they don’t get reheated effectively, especially in the microwave. Pot puddings have a stuffing; therefore, it’s only natural because when reheated, the exterior receives mushy and loses its flavor. That is something you wouldn’t wish to occur.

It’s why you get advised to warm your casserole in the oven. If done correctly, you would be amazed at how close the flavor is to something you had shortly after ordering your meal.

For, how to reheat KFC chicken pot pie. Set the oven to 350°F and wrap the casserole with aluminum foil for the last few minutes of warming. Leave approximately 20 mins for it to warm. Suppose you like to ensure the most pleasing possible flavor. In that scenario, we advise reading our detailed instructions on correctly reheating a KFC casserole.

Guide to Reheat KFC Chicken Pot Pie

You’re probably aware that you’ll use an oven to warm your KFC casserole. However, we like to ensure that you completely understand all the processes that would contribute to a delicious dinner. There’s no explanation why meals should flavor any better than when they were fresh — it’s entirely regarding proper warming.

  • Set your kiln to 350 °F.
  • It is not advisable to remove the meal from its initial packaging. But, if you must, take extreme caution and, ideally, a spoon to scrape it out.
  • If you like, you may put the pot within another oven-safe pot.
  • Start warming the meal without a cover on above.
  • Wrap the casserole with aluminum foil after the dough begins to darken.
  • Reheat for around 20 mins on a moderate level.
  • After the warming procedure, you could add freshly grated cheese to top the casserole if desired.
  • Savor your delectable food.

We promise that if you implement the instructions to the letter, your KFC squash casserole will turn out delicious. The consistency would be conserved, you would be secure, and the flavor and nutrients would get retained rather than destroyed by the warming procedure.

Why not microwave KFC chicken pot pie?

Warming the pot pies in the microwaves is something you must avoid at all costs.

  • The topping might get mushy after being heated in the microwave.
  • You can probably finish up with a heated casserole on the outer surface but chilled on the inner surface.
  • It’s possible that the filling will come out and produce a disaster.
  • Instead of crunchy, the crust would be mushy.
  • KFC’s casserole is served in a tinfoil pan, making it inappropriate for the microwave. Kindly don’t reheat it like this.

How To Preserve KFC chicken pot pie?

Suppose you have remnants or decide to purchase an additional casserole for the following day. In that case, you could preserve it securely and consume it within a few days.

  • Allow your squash casserole to chill thoroughly before serving.
  • Wrap it in tinfoil or keep it in a sealed container. You are not required to remove it from the aluminum pan; we encourage you to leave it there.
  • Please place it in the refrigerator for several hours.
  • Consume it within two days of purchase for the most incredible flavor.

Pot pies could get frozen; however, the outcomes might not be satisfactory because KFC’s casserole gets freshly prepared. If you prepare a homemade casserole, you may store it as far as the top is uncooked.

It will provide the optimum freshness and flavor. However, you can keep the formless dough and mixture individually, which is probably the best method for preserving pot pies.

Bottom line

We believe this guide cleared up any confusion you had about warming your KFC casserole. The easiest way to heat a KFC casserole is to accomplish that in the oven. Regarding warming leftovers, we understand that 20 mins might be a considerable period.

If you get accustomed to warming in the microwave, you’ll find this a lengthy procedure. Apart from the fact that the container isn’t microwave-safe, there are several additional ways to stop reheating KFC’s casserole.

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