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Can You Put Wax Paper In The Microwave? Answered

Are you searching for something else to cover your food to keep in the microwave as your parchment paper is over? You will be amazed to hear that the paper is usually used to line the kitchen tops when making dough; your wax paper role can survive you when you face such a situation. Can you put wax paper in the microwave is a quiz that everybody wonders when you hear this fact.

We are going to clear up all your doubts.

What Is Wax Paper?

A paper coated with wax on both sides is called wax paper, simply. It is resistant to water and water vapor in the atmosphere. It can also protect food from greases. The wax used here may vary. Paraffin wax combined with mineral wax is commonly seen.

Other than that, soybean waxed, vegetable oil waxed, and bees vaxed could also be found in the market now. Commonly wax papers have been used as lining to cover the countertops and for cleaning purposes. 

But with the non-stick and water resistance features, the use of wax paper instead of parchment paper can be seen in most kitchens.

Can You Put Wax Paper In The Microwave?

Sometimes you run out of baking paper and will think of using wax paper instead to cover a bowl of last night’s remains and microwave it. Will it melt, or will it make the fire alarm ring, these are the next questions your mind pops up with.

Yes, as the material is water resistant and does not leave stains on the container, you may think it is safe to use it as a lining for baking trays and food covers.

So, Wax Paper Heat Resistant?

No, wax paper is not heat resistant, but no need to panic! This is valid if you exceed the temperature level of 200 °F 

Well, the question cannot be given a direct yes. But in lower temperatures use of wax paper is a yes in microwaves. The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) announced that wax paper is convenient to use with microwave ovens.

Why Wax Paper In Microwave Ovens Is a Better Option?

  • It matches the process of steaming vegetables and fish
  • Less chance of splitting food inside, which makes less cleaning.

Don’t stop the fact search when you hear the good news. There are some more that you should know in cases where you use waxed paper in microwaves.

Wax paper is only to be used in microwaves. Please avoid using wax paper in Ovens or toaster ovens because it will lead to melting the wax and firing the paper. All your kitchen will be full of smoke, and you will need to call for emergencies.

Why Should You not Exceed the Temperature Limit of Microwaves?

There is an unlikely possibility of using temperatures more than 200°F in microwave ovens. Keep in mind not to exceed this average level as it may cause to dissolve the wax coat. If there is no more vax coat, the paper will be burned. Also, a fire will if it is kept at a high temperature for a long time.

But usually, the microwaving process does not go above 160°F, and usually, it takes few seconds only. Now it is very clear that catching fire in a microwave when using wax paper is very rare.

Whether the circumstances are on the positive side when using wax paper for baking and reheating in microwaves, it is better to check the label before you do this. If the packaging says safe in microwaves, you can use it without hesitation.

Always buy wax papers from a reputed brand rather than cheap ones in the market.

Are There Any Health Issues Of Using Wax Paper In Microwaves?

Wax papers are in two forms, which are namely bleached and non-bleached. During the bleaching process, wax papers use chlorine as an element. Hence, there is a probability of containing fewer amounts of chlorine in the final product of the coating.

There is a chance of mixing this substance with food when heated at a high temperature for a long period of time. As the number of dioxins connected with a chlorine molecule is minor, there is no health issue raised in this problem.

Even though WHO (World Health Organization) declares warning that dioxin can be bounded to a fatty substance inside the human body for over 7 years. Sometimes the time will be extended up to 11 years. If the intake of dioxins is greater, the person will be subjected to reproductive and immune problems.

Therefore, it is mandatory to pay attention to using chlorine bleached wax papers continuously when baking. Organic wax-coated papers are 100% safe to use.

In addition, foods that contain high amounts of oils, salt, or fat have the nature of dissolving the wax coat. Therefore, if you are covering that kind of food, parchment paper will do more than waxed paper.

Is Soybean Wax Paper Safe to Use in Microwaves?

Soybean coat is an organic product used in waxed paper. Organic products will not add any hazardous substances to your food at any rate. It is safe to use in microwaves under low temperatures and in less time.

Is Bee Waxed Paper Safe in Microwaves?

Bee wax paper will be safe in low temperatures. Remember not to go for an hourly bake. This total organic wax paper does not have any harmful ingredients.


Wax paper can be used in microwave ovens at low temperatures. It is also a key factor that you must refrain from doing long-time microwaving with wax paper. You can use it to cover the food when heating prepared food or heating frozen food. Using as liners in microwave backing is another instance.

But all these conditions apply only to microwaves. Avoid trying this in conventional ovens and toaster ovens.

There may be certain subjects in some waxed papers that are harmful to health. Although the amount entering the body is considerably less and harmless, don’t take a risk. All you need is to select a good wax paper. As we discussed above, it is safe to use wax paper within certain limits and precautions.

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