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What Does Crème Brulee Taste Like? – All You Need To Know 

Crème Brulee is one of the most popular desserts worldwide, although it is original in France. From fancy restaurants to simple households, it has established its popularity well. But what does creme brulee taste like That’s a question with a lot of curiosity and eagerness. 

You are in the right place if you’re intrigued about crème Brulee. As we move further, we will discuss all the fantastic facts you need to know about the royal dessert. Stick around to not miss out on any. 

What is Crème Brulee? 

It is a delicious and simple dessert that initially dates back to the 1690s in France. The French royal family introduced it. And indeed, it does has a royal delicacy to it. The desert is called “krem-broo-lay”, which is the given French name. From the time of its origin up until now, it has revolved around as a top-notch dessert. What makes it so unique, you may ask? Well, the flavour, texture and delicacy are to blame. 

The extraordinary dessert is very flavourful and compelling to have a peek at. A creamy and soft custard bottom blended with the essence of vanilla beans comes with a brown caramelized sugar coat laid on the top.

People top it up with berries and chocolate per their preferences. Nonetheless, the original crème Brulee comes only with two layers: the custard bottom and the caramel top. 

In many high-end restaurants, this dessert is considered a speciality, and almost everyone loves its sight and taste. People have started altering the original recipe with other ingredients to dominate and enhance flavour. Instead of vanilla in the caramel, many other substitutes, such as lemon, coffee and cinnamon, are being used to provide people with various delicious options. 

Since the two primary ingredients of crème Brulee are custard and caramel, let us talk about what they are and how they taste. 

What is Custard? 

Custard is a global culinary speciality that can be made for just about any event and have multi faces. You can use it for a dessert or add it to the main course meal. Custard is made with a combination of sweetened milk, and egg yolks beat together until a creamy and thick consistency. 

It is a diary-like dish that is soft, creamy and delicious. By heating mixed egg yolks and milk with cheese or cream, Heavy attention should be paid to details like heat when making custard since you can make the custard.

Both overheating and underheating can change the outcome drastically. With air linings throughout the dish, it will melt in your mouth and provide a wonderful experience. 

The taste profile of the custard depends on the dominant flavour you choose to incorporate. In the case of crème Brulee, fresh vanilla essence is the dominating flavour integrated into the custard cream mixture. The aromatic vanilla notes will give the custard an excellent flavour and make it taste like vanilla creamed pudding. 

Custard can be served hot and chilled per your preference. The deliciousness of the dish does not diminish either way. 

What is Custard? 

What is Caramel? 

Caramel is burnt sugar. No, you do not burn it until it turns black and bitter. The process is rather mindful and crucial. The chemical changes that take place when heating sugar result in giving out sweet and nutty caramel that is ideal for topping any dessert. 

Caramelizing sugar is a careful process. One small mistake and the taste can completely deviate from the intended flavour. Heat is essential as it ultimately influences how the sugar will turn out. 

After heating the granulated sugar at the right amount of heat up to the right time, you will get a caramelized thick fluid called caramel. It has a brownish hue and a sweet taste with a pinch of bitterness. 

What does Crème Brulee Tastes Like? 

Combined with the delicious notes of custard and caramel, crème Brulee tastes heavenly. The creamy custard bottom dipped in the taste and aroma of vanilla is let to sit down at the bottom and chilled. Granulated sugar is spread on top of the chilled custard bottom and caramelized using a blowtorch. 

Not directly pouring caramel on the custard and caramelizing the granulated sugar at the serving time is to ensure the custard does not get overcooked. Overcooking can alter the taste and texture you worked hard to create.

Sugar is put on top of the layer and caramelized using the blowtorch’s heat to prevent mishaps. However, poring separately made caramel on top of the dish wouldn’t cause much harm to the overall taste. 

The creamy custard tastes sweet and creamy, while the caramel at the top provides a nutty and crispy flavour with sweet and bitter notes to balance the custard underneath. The combination of all the flavours makes it taste amazing on a bite. 

In some places, crème Brulee is served with extra toppings such as berries, nuts, chocolates and other fruit fragments. Adding such items to your dessert plate wouldn’t change the dish’s original taste.

You can feel free to add some of them if you prefer. But crème Brulee will taste fantastic with or without them. As stated in the recipe book of the palace, royal chefs of the French court did not integrate any additional items into the dish. Caramel and custard are the only two components, with vanilla being the dominant flavour. 

What is Special About Crème Brulee? 

The unique features of crème Brulee that makes it special are its texture and temperature balance. The creamy custard is soft and delicate, while the sugar coating is crispy and nutty. And also, the custard bottom is chilled, and the caramel top is hot. Both contrasting textures and temperatures result in a fantastic outcome when taking a bite. 

Even picky eaters will find the dessert satisfying with such unique combinations of texture and temperature. Moreover, unlike many other popular desserts, crème Brulee is one of the easiest to make with few ingredients and little time. With carefully paying attention to the details when cooking, making a delicious crème brulee will be a no-brainer! 

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