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What Temperature Do you Cook Grilled Cheese on a Griddle? (Crispy & Melty)

Using the griddle should be the best option if you want the perfect grilled cheese. However, you might not be sure what temperature do you cook grilled cheese on a griddle. Adjusting the correct temperature in your griddle for grilled cheese will help you achieve the desired gooey texture, giving the perfect melt divulging in your taste buds. However, if the grilled cheese is overcooked or undercooked, you might not be satisfied with the taste; hence, cooking the grilled cheese at the perfect temperature is vital. Thus, in this article, we will discuss what temperature do you cook grilled cheese on a griddle. Remember to read the article to find out about cooking the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

Why Temperature Matter for Grilled Cheese on a Griddle?

Learning the right temperature for grilled cheese on a griddle is essential to avoid burns or leaving cold spots to waste your food.

If the grilled cheese is not properly heated, there are chances for your sandwich to go bad since cheese is a dairy product.

Not using the right temperature for grilled cheese will also not help you reach the perfect texture, and you might not even be satisfied with your sandwich.

Thus, using the correct temperature for grilled cheese on a griddle will help make a good meal and satisfy your taste buds. Thus, finding what temperature you cook grilled cheese on a griddle is vital.

What is the Recommended Griddle Temperature for Grilled Cheese?

If you are on the run to find the perfect grilled cheese, you will need to find what temperature do you cook grilled cheese on a griddle.

You are not far away from the answer; keep reading to find the recommended griddle temperature.

First, turn on the griddle and, set it to 275 degrees Fahrenheit, and let it heat. If your cheese is frozen, leave it at room temperature for a few minutes to thaw before you put it on the griddle.

Once the cheese is thawed, you can put them on your griddle to start cooking grilled cheese.

Cook the grilled cheese for 3 to 5 minutes on each side, which will take approximately 10 minutes. If the surface has started to take a golden brown shade, your grilled cheese is ready to dig in!

How to Test the Griddle Temperature for Grilled Cheese?

If you do not have an electric griddle to check the temperature, you will want to know how to test the griddle temperature for grilled cheese.

You can use a thermometer since it is essential to check the griddle temperature before cooking your cheese.

Turn on the griddle to medium-low heat and wait for a few minutes, Do not place the thermometer on the surface; if it reaches 275 degrees Fahrenheit, you are ready to go!

How to Cook Grilled Cheese on a Griddle?

Before you want to cook the perfect grilled cheese on a griddle, you must gather the necessary ingredients before you get into business. You will need bread, butter, oil, a butter knife, and cheese to get started. Follow the steps below to start cooking the perfect grilled cheese.

  1. Bring the cheese to room temperature; if it is frozen, wait for it to thaw.
  2. Turn on the griddle to 275 degrees Fahrenheit and let the griddle heat.
  3. Spread the butter evenly on the bread slices covering the edges using the butter knife.
  4. Oil the griddle and place the bread slices.
  5. Now sandwich the cheese between two bread slices.
  6. Leave the bread slice for 2 to 3 minutes; check if the surface of your bread has turned to a golden brown shade.
  7. Flip the grilled cheese, and repeat.
  8. If your grilled cheese has a golden brown shade, get ready to enjoy it! Serve while warm for the cheese to melt in your mouth.

Tips for Cooking the Perfect Grilled Cheese on a Griddle

Tips for Cooking the Perfect Grilled Cheese on a Griddle

If you want to improve your grilled cheese, the following tips can help you make the perfect one.

  1. Use fresh butter bread or homemade bread.
  2. Soften the butter before spreading, apply on both sides of your bread slice instead of one, and leave a generous coating to get a good crunch.
  3. Add a thin layer of mayo on top of your butter in the bread to add a hint of tanginess, enriching the flavours.
  4. Use pre-toasted bread for your grilled cheese.
  5. Use the best and right type of cheese that can melt and give a gooey texture. Young cheddar, full-fat, high-moisture mozzarella, or fontina will be best.
  6. Avoid overloading cheese. Use a generous amount, considering the size of the bread slices.
  7. You can also enrich the flavours of your grilled cheese by adding bacon, ham, chilli pepper, onion, mustard, tomatoes and potatoes for your grilled cheese.
  8. Always maintain low to medium heat for the cheese to blend and melt with your bread; that is why it is recommended to use pre-toasted bread.
  9. Press it against the griddle using a spatula to toast your bread better.
  10. Using chopped mint leaves to dress the coating.


Will Cheese Melt at 150 Degrees?

Will cheese melt at 150 degrees? It depends on the size and the type of cheese you put into griddle. However, cheese generally will melt when they are kept at room temperature; thus, cheese can start melting when they reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Temperature is Unsafe for Cheese?

The cheese should be stored at not less than 35 degrees Fahrenheit as it can be unsafe because it will turn bad by changing the colour and taste of the cheese. Storing the cheese at the correct temperature is also vital if you’re using them to make grilled cheese.

What Temperature Kills Bacteria in Cheese?

Cheese is a dairy product made using bacteria; hence the bacteria never stop growing unless they are frozen to temporarily disable the growth of can be heated to kill the bacteria. Thus, to kill the bacteria in the cheese, it needs to reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

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