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Where are Bacon Bits in Walmart? [Find Out]

Walking into Walmart and finding your daily provisions stored in different sections is a tedious job. It is time-consuming to find your groceries within a short time because every Walmart is different in how they have kept their products. where are bacon bits in Walmart? Hunting something new will be challenging, unlike items like, fruits, vegetables, or dairy products.

One of those products you might need clarification on is which aisle are bacon bits stored in. Bacon bits are a protein-rich food that tastes like real bacons and is mainly manufactured using textured soy flour. But some manufacturers also use real bacon by curing the meats using food additives.

However, the bacon bits can be taken as snacks, used to flavor salads, as a side dish, or even cooked as an appetizer for your meals. Since the bacon bits are manufactured in different ways, you may need to find out where are bacon bits in Walmart.

Where are Bacon Bits in Walmart?

If you are planning to buy bacon bits from Walmart, you might be passing through the uncertainty of where to find bacon bits in a huge superstore. It can be challenging to consume your time and save it finding a single product like bacon bits. Thus, it is recommended to learn where bacon bits are in Walmart before going to the superstore.

You will find bacon bit in the corner with other condiments, including mayonnaise, salad dressing, flavors, and different sauces. But this might differ with each store, as some bacon bits are refrigerated in the meat section and sometimes in the bakery or baking section.

How Much Do Bacon Bits in Walmart Cost?

Several factors affect the cost of bacon, depending on the country you live in. Since there are a variety of bacon bits retailed by different manufacturers to Walmart, the prices might differ.

However, when considering the average cost of basic Bacon bits, a 24 serving of 6 Ounces of bacon bits can cost between $4.5 to $7; as previously stated, the price could differ with each type. Thus, you can go through Walmart’s official website in your respective country and check the prior to get an idea.

What are Bacon Bits Made Of?

The ingredients used in the bacon bits might differ from each manufacturer; if the bacon bits are made of real meat with the necessary preservatives, there might be a slight increase in the price because of the quality of the flavors. Still, authentic bacon bits are often a scam because no real bacon is used as it is made with refined soya flour and artificial flavors.

How to Store Bacon Bits?

If you have been wondering how to keep your bacon bits fresh after breaking the seal, you should know how to store bacon bits the right way.

The way you store your bacon bits before and after cooking is different. Once you break the package seal of the bacon bit, you can store it in an air-tight container on a dry and cool shelf inside the cabinet or in the refrigerator. If you have cooked your bacon bits, you can keep them fresh and air-tight in the fridge for up to 3 to 5 days or freeze them for up to 3 months.

How to Prepare Bacon Bits?

Bacon bits can be prepared if you want them in your snacks, like sandwiches, an appetizer, or side dishes for your meals. The way you need to prepare the bacon bits depends on how you need to have your bacon bits. However, the simplest way to prepare your bacon bits is to bake them or fry them.

To fry your bacon bits crispy, first season them with salt, pepper, and other necessary spices when partially frozen and fry on medium flame till the bacon bits turn golden brown. To bake your bacon bits, season them, spread them on a baking tray, and bake for at least 20 minutes. 

The baked and fried bacon bits can be used to dress your sandwiches or hotdogs to flavor them. The bacon bits can be taken for your side dish in your meals or appetizers when added and cooked to give a meaty flavor, like soup, baked potatoes, pizza, etc.

What are the Nutritional Facts of Bacon Bits?

Because bacon bits are instant foods, they are considered unhealthy, but in reality, they are rich in protein because they are made with either real bacon, meat, or soy flour. Bacon bits are enriched with nutritional values like protein, fat, Sodium, potassium, and carbohydrate.

However, according to the idiom “, too much of anything is good for nothing,” you must maintain your limits when taking bacon bits because of the heavy calorie rate. A hundred grams of bacon bits will carry a nearly 500-calorie deficit. Thus, it is not recommended if you are obese or suffering from cholesterol.

What are the Nutritional Facts of Bacon Bits?

What Can I Use Instead of Bacon Bits?

Bacon bits are primarily used to give the food a meaty flavor. However, in the absence of bacon bits, you can use either ground soybeans or fried shallots to get an almost bacon taste. When adding fried shallots or ground soybeans to the meals to flavor, it can be used in a finely-grained texture.


Unlike any other grocery item, finding bacon bits in a large store like Walmart can be pretty challenging. Because bacon bits belong to so many categories because it is used for baking, cooking, flavors, or even considered meat. Thus, if it’s the first time you are planning to get bacon bits from Walmart, you should be able to find out in this article.

According to the article, where are bacon bits in Walmart? It can be found in the condiment section and mayonnaise or other sauces. In the article Where are bacon bits in Walmart, we have also explored different topics like how much bacon bits, what bacon bits are made of, and how to store and prepare bacon bits; including the nutritional values of bacon bits and what is the substitute for bacon bits in the article.

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