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Why Does it Sound like Water is Constantly Running? – Explained 

Have you been confused by the running sounds of water from your bathroom even when there are no repairs or leaks? Well, this is a common issue faced by many people. Why does it sound like water is constantly running? There are a few reasons why this could happen. Understandably this can get frustrating and worrisome. 

Rest assured, we’ve got your back. We have well researched the issue and have come up with solutions to get this fixed right away without the help of a professional plumber. Keep reading to learn the causes of these constant water running sounds in your pipes and what you can do to fix the problems. 

Is it Serious If You Hear Water Running Sounds?

 It depends. There are many possible reasons why you hear constant water running sounds from your toilet or kitchen pipeline. A leak or breakage can cause it. If that’s the case, you’ll be able to immediately identify the cause of the constant sounds.

You can get the problem fixed with the help of a plumber or a professional in the field. The cost you will have to spend will depend on the intensity of the damage. However, minor leakage issues in the pipeline will not demand a high price in most cases. 

But what if there is no visible breakage or leak in the pipeline, and you still hear constant sounds of water running? People tend to grow concerned and confused under such circumstances.

It is pretty common in households with an imperfect pipe system, though. The issue is not that complicated, and you can fix it independently. To restore the problem, you need to get to the bottom and identify the accurate glitch that is the culprit. After locating the issue, you can fix it, as we will provide the solutions below. 

Why does It Sound like Water is Constantly Running?

Back to business, why do you hear sounds of water running for no reason? Let us discuss the possible causes of this issue. 

  • Unadjusted Float in the Tank 

A float in the toilet tank controls the height and flow of water simultaneously. If the float placed inside the tank is not adjusted correctly or positioned accurately, it can lead to problems. A float functions by refilling the tank while also looking out for water flow. It prevents the water from overflowing. In circumstances where the float is incorrectly placed, it could hinder this functionality of the float. 

In such cases of hindrances, preventing the overflowing of the water will be challenging. Thus water will keep flowing into the tank with a lack of control or with no control at all. It is why you hear constant water-running noises without a cause on the outside. 

  • Leak in the Flapper 

Yet another possible reason for the constant water running sounds is a leak in the toilet flapper. The job of a toilet flapper is to control the movement of the valve on the bowl and thereby release water when triggered.

If there is a leakage in the flapper, it wouldn’t be able to perform the function anymore. Water will leak into the bowl with no control mechanisms if it fails to do the job. In such an instance, you will hear constant water-running sounds.

Leak in the Flapper 

  • Long Refill Tube 

If the refill tube is elongated, it can be the culprit. A refill tube connects the overflow tube to the valve and fills it. If the refill tube is quite long, it will not be able to stop the overflow in the toilet bowl. When water overflows through the pipes, you will hear those running sounds. 

  • Leaks in the Slabs of the Water Heater 

A leakage in the water heater’s slabs can also cause constant water running sounds from your toilet. You will hear water running sounds in the pipes when it is in operation. And that is normal and indicates the active process of the water heater.

But what if you still hear water running noises near the hater even when the meter is turned off? Then the issue probably lies in the slabs of the water heater. A leak in the slabs will result in constant water running noises. 

How to Fix Constant Water Running Sounds? 

Now that we know the possible causes of the issue, it is time to jump into action to get it fixed. Buckle up, and let’s do a good job. 

To kick off the start, turn off all active water sources to ensure no water is flowing through any pipeline system in the house. Repairing the system with an active water supply can lead to troubles. We do not want to bear the consequences as we already have a prevailing problem. 

Now let me guide you through what you should do to fix the relevant issues. 

  • Adjust the Float

Empty the tank first. The float is acting up because it is too high or too low. To place it properly, you need to adjust the screws that hold the float against the flush tube. Find a suitable screwdriver and loosen the screws. Place the float at the correct height and tighten them. Once done, refill the tank and ensure proper working. 

  • Replace Flapper 

Empty the tank and remove the existing flapper by removing the pins. Attach the new flapper and fix it. 

  • Shorten the Refill Tube

After Draining the Tank:

  1. Pull out the refill tube and cut off the excess parts.
  2. Please do not cut off large portions at once, as it can get too short.
  3. Cut into tiny pieces.
  4. Once you reach the optimal length, put the tube back in and attach it to the overflow tub’s pins. 


Suppose the cause of the constant water running sounds in the pipeline is due to the above-discussed reasons. In that case, you can fix it by following the solutions given. And if it is not, don’t hesitate to contact a plumber as the problem might be complicated. Setting the water running noise issue is crucial as it can help you save your water bills by minimizing water overuse.

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